Student Research

I have mentored undergraduate research students since 2013 at Yale, MIT, and Cambridge. 

If you are an undergraduate and would like to work with me, the slides, papers, and posters below should give you a fairly good inclination of what areas I like to look for problems. In broad strokes, the main players tend to be toric geometry, tropical and algebraic moduli spaces, hyperplane arrangements, and combinatorial aspects of Brill-Noether theory, but there is a lot of mathematics out there! 

Undergraduate students that have worked with me, in chronological order

Timothy Leake (Summer '13, combinatorial Brill-Noether theory), Rodrigo Ferreira da Rosa (Summer '14, M0,n and graph associahedra), Andrew Deveau, Jenna Kainic, and Dan Mitropolsky (Summer '14, Gonality of random graphs), Louis Gaudet, Nicholas Wawrykow, and Teddy Weisman (Summer '14, Jacobians of finite graphs), Derek Boyer, Andre Moura, and Scott Weady (Summer '16, Tropical line arrangements), Stanislav Atanasov (Summer '16, Combinatorial Brill-Noether theory), Johnny Gao (Fall '16-Spring '17, Betti numbers of toric graph associahedra), Milo Brandt, Michelle Jones, and Catherine Lee (Summer '17, Incidence geometry of tropical lines), and Alois Cerbu, Luke Peilen, and Andrew Salmon (Summer '17, topology of tropical moduli spaces), Abhijit Mudigonda (Spring '18, partial reciprocal planes and matroids), Hung-Hsun Yu (Spring '18, tropical bitangents and quartics), Diogo Fonseca (Summer '19, Topology of tropical cotangent classes), Joe Benton and James Rawson (Summer '20, Characteristic numbers of the quadric surface), Parth Shimpi and Dan Townsend (Summer '21, Chow rings of stacks of expansions), Sae Koyama (Summer '21, Superabundant tropical curves), Irina Đanković (Summer '22, Matroids and toric graph associahedra), Mia Lam and Derek Ng (Summer '23, Tropical realizability via Hurwitz theory).