I am a lecturer in DPMMS at the University of Cambridge and a fellow at St. John's College.

Travel: Upcoming Travel & Past Adventures.

Research: My research is about combinatorial structures that arise in the study of algebraic varieties and the leveraging of these structures, particularly through tropical geometry, to establish new results about curves, moduli, and enumerative geometry.

Out in the World: My work was the subject of this popular science article in Quanta Magazine. You can play a fun game based on things in that article here and Holly explains the game in this video.

Teaching: During Michaelmas 2019 I will teach a Part III course on toric varieties. In Lent 2020 I will teach Part II algebraic geometry.

Student Research: You can read about the work of undergraduates who have worked with me here.

Email: dr508 (at) cam. ac . uk

I firmly believe these axioms laid out by Federico Ardila.

I am proud to support the music and work of Anna Magdalena Kokits. Here is one of my favourite pieces and here is another.