A Brief Bio

Welcome! I'm a mathematician at Cambridge. I grew up in South India and South Africa, and I studied mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and Yale. I worked with Dagan Karp as an undergraduate, and wrote my PhD under the direction of Sam Payne with a substantial helping hand from Dan Abramovich at Brown. I was a Moore Instructor at MIT, where I worked with Davesh Maulik. I spent a term at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2017, where I learned that homological mirror symmetry is very complicated!

My research is about combinatorial structures in algebraic geometry, with a particular emphasis on applications to the geometry of curves, moduli theory, and enumerative geometry. One result I'm quite attached to concerns an old line of questioning in Brill-Noether theory, which you can read about here.

Mura Yakerson interviewed me for her YouTube interview series Math-Life Balance which you can find here.

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