Video & Slides

Slides and Video Lectures

  1. DT theory and the secondary polytope. Slides for an online lecture to the discrete geometry group at TU Berlin.

  2. Analytic and tropical geometry. Video lecture from the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

  3. The tropical geometry of Hurwitz numbers. Video lecture from the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

  4. Curves, moduli, and tropical geometry. Slides for a lecture at DPMMS, University of Cambridge, January 2018

  5. Moduli spaces of elliptic curves in toric varieties. A lecture given at the term workshop on homological mirror symmetry at the IAS, March 2017.

  6. The space of equations for an algebraic curve. A short video lecture motivating combinatorial Brill-Noether theory, IAS, January 2016.

  7. Moduli of rational and elliptic curves in toric varieties. Video lecture from the Fields Institute, Toronto, December 2016.

  8. Linear systems on general curves of a fixed gonality. Video lecture given by Dave Jensen on our joint work, Toronto, December 2016.

  9. Tropical Hurwitz Spaces. Video lecture from MSRI, Berkeley, August 2016.

  10. Analytic and tropical varieties over higher rank valued fields. Video lecture given by Tyler Foster on our joint work, CMI-BIRS, May 2016.

  11. Curve counting on surfaces: the tropical and Fock approaches. Video lecture given by Hannah Markwig on our joint work, CMO-BIRS, May 2016.

  12. Skeletons of Stable Maps & Superabundant Geometries. Video lecture from CMO-BIRS, May 2016.

  13. Virtual Skeletons. Video lecture from the Penn Math & Physics Seminar, March 2016.

  14. Artin fans. Video lecture by Dan Abramovich explaining the work of many people, but also touching upon some of my work in these papers.