I am a lecturer in DPMMS at the University of Cambridge and a fellow at St. John's College.

Travel: Upcoming Travel & Past Adventures.

Research: My research is about combinatorial structures that arise in the study of algebraic varieties and the leveraging of these structure to establish new results in algebraic geometry.

Out in the World: My work was the subject of this popular science article in Quanta Magazine. You can play a fun game based on things in that article here and Holly explains the game in this video. If you feel like getting into it a bit more, check out Katz's nice Notices article.

Teaching: During the Easter term at Cambridge I'll be teaching metric and topological spaces.

Student Research: You can read about the work of undergraduates who have worked with me here.

Email: dr508 (at) cam. ac . uk

I firmly believe these axioms laid out by Federico Ardila.

I am proud to support the music and work of Anna Magdalena Kokits. Here is one of my favourite pieces and here is another.