I am on leave for the Fall 2018 semester, intermittently based at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. In the coming year, I will join the DPMMS faculty at the University of Cambridge. Previously I was a CLE Moore Instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Travel: Upcoming Travel & Past Adventures.

Research: My research revolves around combinatorial structures that arise in the study of algebraic varieties and the leveraging of these structure to establish new results in algebraic geometry. My primary focus has been on algebraic curves, their moduli spaces, and enumerative geometry. You can read a little about tropical geometry in Katz's nice Notices article.

Teaching: During the Easter term at Cambridge I'll be teaching metric and topological spaces.

Student Research: You can read about the work of undergraduates who have worked with me here.

Email: dhruvr (at) mit . edu