MSRI Summer School on Chip Firing: Worksheets

The following are worksheets created for the graduate summer school on chip-firing games and tropical curves at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, CA. The school was taught by Matt Baker, Dave Jensen, and Sam Payne. Yoav Len and Dhruv Ranganathan were the teaching assistants.

  • Problem Set I: Dhar's Burning Algorithm and Riemann-Roch
  • Problem Set II: Special Divisors on a Chain of Loops
  • Problem Set III: The Specialization Lemma
  • Problem Set IV: Rank Determining Sets (Coming Soon)
  • Problem Set V: Valuation Theory and Berkovich Curves (Coming Soon)
  • Problem Set VI: Linear Systems on Metric Graphs
  • Problem Set VII: Inverse Limits of Skeletons (Coming Soon)
  • Problem Set VIII: The Matrix Tree Theorem (Coming Soon)