Graduate Student Learning Seminar - Algebraic Surfaces

In Fall '14 the Yale algebraic geometers will be reading through Beaville's beautiful text "Complex Algebraic Surfaces". We will meet from 430-530PM on Mondays in DL431 (to be confirmed). We will be closely following the course taught by Ravi Vakil at Stanford, which can be found here. It is recommended but certainly not required that speakers use Ravi's notes as a guide for pacing, content, and structure.

Goal: Get to Enriques classification of surfaces by the end of the term!

 Date      Topics References Speaker 
Sept 2Review: Classification of algebraic curves, line bundles.RV: 123Dhruv
Sept 9
Serre duality, Riemann-Roch, normal bundles, Picard group.RV: 45 B: IYoav
Sept 16   Birational maps and blowups of surfacesRV: 6 B: IIDan
Sept 23Rational maps of surfaces, linear systems.RV: 7  Tif 
Sept 30Castelnuovo's criterion for contracting rational curves    RV: 8    TBD