I am a CLE Moore Instructor here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In Spring 2017 I was a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, during the semester on homological mirror symmetry. Here is some information about upcoming travel and here are some photographs from past travel. 

Research: My current research revolves around combinatorial structures that arise in the study of algebraic varieties and the leveraging of these structure to establish new results in algebraic geometry. My primary focus has been on applications of tropical, non-archimedean, and logarithmic techniques to the study of algebraic curves, the geometry and topology of their moduli spaces, and enumerative geometry. Research statement

Teaching: From February to May I will be teaching 18.702, the second semester undergraduate abstract algebra at MIT, including aspects of Galois theory and some representation theory - website coming soon!. In Fall 2017 I taught 18.782, an incredibly fun introductory course on arithmetic geometry, aimed at undergraduate mathematics majors.  In Fall 2016, I taught 18.01A/18.02A, an accelerated single and multivariable calculus course for freshmen.

Seminar: I am a co-organizer of the Harvard/MIT algebraic geometry seminar. The seminar is Tuesdays at 3 PM alternating between the two schools.

Student Research: You can read about the work of undergraduates who did research with me here to get a feeling for what research with me might be like. In summer 2017 I was a coordinator for Yale's SUMRY program. I am presently supervising a high school student as a part of MIT's larger PRIMES-USA program. I am also happy to work with undergraduates at MIT via the UROP system

If you are an MIT undergraduate and want to work with me starting in Fall 2017, send me an email.

Email: dhruvr (at) mit . edu